Serving Many Masters with Limited Budgets

Midmarket enterprises are driven by innovation and growth. Both technology and transformation play a large role in achieving success.  While cybersecurity isn’t a primary driver of revenue growth in any organization, it is often a critical component of building and keeping a loyal customer base.

But with limited budgets and competing priorities, how does any technical or business leader build and maintain a right-sized cybersecurity operation for his or her company?

A Partner Who Will Own the Burden and Reduce Risk

Cyber Defense International was created to provide elite yet affordable cybersecurity operations services to midmarket enterprises.  Our Founder and CEO DaMon Ross spent over 20 years leading cybersecurity operations in banking and financial services – the most targeted industry of cyber attackers in the world.

Cyber Defense International owns the burden of cybersecurity operations and communication by delivering solutions that both protect our clients from cyber attacks and communicate with executives, customers and regulating bodies on what actions they’re taking to keep networks, applications and data secure.

Whether you’re engaging us to outsource 24/7/365 Cybersecurity Operations as a Service, deliver Cyber Threat Intelligence or our Vulnerability Management as a Service Program, or simply conduct penetration tests, a gap assessment or write policies, Cyber Defense International will serve as an integrated extension of your team and own the responsibility of helping you reduce your risk.