Cyber Defense International protects its clients from cyber attacks with a range of services.

Whether you’re looking to outsource cybersecurity, or augment your in-house teams’ efforts, Cyber Defense International can help.

CDI conducts discovery processes, for each client, that supplies us with intricate details of your business and technology environment. Collecting and maintaining this information about your environment enables us to deliver actionable and robust cyber threat intelligence, cyber threat detection and incident response capability to our clients.

Example, because our discovery process will tell us that you have Windows and Linux operating systems within your environment, we will only deliver cyber intelligence pertaining to those operating systems. If our discovery processes tell us that you are a business that uses Point-of-Sale (POS) systems, we will supply intelligence on the latest cyber-attacks and fraud schemes applicable to POS systems.

CDI’s Cyber Threat Intelligence service eliminates the "white noise" that IT teams don’t have the time to bothered with. When contacted by their cybersecurity partners, IT teams want to be provided with specific systems, users, and data that they need to focus on. IT Teams don’t have time to search their environment for assets that may be applicable to the cyber threat involved.

CDI’s 20+ years of industry experience knows this and we hold ourselves to the highest standards when it comes to high fidelity alerting and actionable cyber threat intelligence reporting. CDI’s intelligence analysts filters through hundreds of intelligence sources in search of information applicable to your environment. The fidelity of our reporting will minimize the resources your company allocates to dealing with cyber threats by partnering with your existing IT resources to focus on the systems that are most at risk based on information we collect from our worldwide network of intelligence sources.

Our in-depth knowledge of your IT network combined with the intelligence extract from our network of information sources enables CDI to:

  • Prioritize software vulnerabilities found in your organization
    • In addition to conventional methodologies for determining the seriousness software vulnerabilities found within your environment (for example, whether the system is accessible from the public Interne, etc..), CDI also takes into account whether threat actors are talking about how to exploit those same vulnerabilities on the Dark Web.
  • Detect cyber threats hidden within your network.

In addition to our work on the front lines of protecting your network from cyber threats, CDI will also use the information we collect from your network to help your company maintain compliance with regulatory requirements such as PCI and HIPPA compliance.

Cybersecurity Services Comparison

Business Assessment, Network Discovery & Asset Inventory
Cyber Threat Intelligence Reporting
Network Vulnerability Scanning & Reporting
PCI & HIPPA Compliance Scanning & Reporting
Compromise Assessment
24/7/365 Managed Cyber Threat Detection & Incident Response
Digital Forensic Investigative Services
Cybersecurity Incident Remediation Consulting

Trust your organization’s cybersecurity needs to industry experts who can get you the protection you need today.