Effective Vulnerability Management Requires More Than Checking A Box

An ongoing vulnerability management program is considered a basic cybersecurity function. It’s often the number one function auditors look for when determining whether a company takes reasonable steps to keep its data safe.

However, scanning alone does not protect your organization. Vulnerable assets also must be secured.

breaches from known vulnerable assets

Complete Vulnerability Management-as-a-Service with Sophisticated Technology, Expert Analysis and Management Reporting to Support the People and Processes Keeping Your Most Valuable Assets Secure

Cyber Defense International’s Vulnerability Management-as-a-Service program goes beyond scanning and technical reporting.

Our cybersecurity consultants help clients prioritize the business assets most critical to protect. We then analyze each scan to identify issues and develop remediation recommendations according to business risk and severity.

We include business-friendly reporting for managers and executives to help prioritize workloads and remain accountable to the process.





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